Federal Union of European Nationalities
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Str Munteniei Nr 2A, Medgidia, Constanta, Romania, Postal Code 905600

Naim Belgin President

The Tatar Democratic Union is an ethnic organisation that was established in May 2007 and is based in Dobrogea, Romania.
The aim of the Tatar Democratic Union is to ensure the inclusion and consideration of Tatars,
irrespective of their social status with regard to decisions of the Muslim community in general and in the Tatar
community. Moreover, it aims at creating an ethno-confessional organisation that will facilitate the inclusion and participation of all groups, regardless of ethnicity, language, historical tradition and faith.

The main purpose of establishing the Union is to shape the young generation of Tatars as faithful, cultural and informed individuals. In order to achieve this goal, the Turkish Tatar community is strengthened in activities in the field of education, which includes strengthening of cultural institutions and providing information material, on a financial level through donations and financial support, as well as support in social aspects. The organisation also has its own magazine which is published every three months.
The activities that serve the objectives of the Union are both based on ethical and moral principles, such as tolerance, dignity and honesty, and at the same time aim to strengthen such principles.

The Tatar Democratic Union has 5800 members. As such, 20.300 Tatars and 27.700 Turks belong to the minority.
In September 2021, the Tatar Democratic Union was admitted as an Ordinary Member organisation in the Federal Union of European Nationalities.