Federal Union of European Nationalities
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Congress resolutions

Assembly of Delegates

Resolutions 2023

FUEN Main Resolution on the need of more meaningful consultations with national minorities 

Resolution on the protection of autochthonous minorities in Ukraine

Resolution 2023-01
on the recognition of Catalan speakers and the other autochthonous language communities in Spain as national minorities and their inclusion in the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (FCNM)
Resolution 2023-02
on Greece should accept Muslim-Turkish presence in Rhodes and Kos and re-open schools on the basis of bilingual education and stop destruction of mosques, shrines and cemeteries.
Resolution 2023-03
on discourse of othering and stigma of the Turkish Minority in Western Thrace in Greece
Resolution 2023-04
on the change of legislation of Russian kindergartens and schools
Resolution 2023-05
on the accession of Georgia in the European Union (EU)
Resolution 2023-06
on the importance of the rule of law for minority rights in the European Union
Resolution 2023-07
on enhance of the written use of minority languages
Resolution 2023-08
on the inadequate implementation of minority rights in Austria
Resolution 2023-09
on the role and priorities of FUEN
Resolution 2023-10
on the role of FUEN and especially in challenges of member organisations

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