Federal Union of European Nationalities
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Types of membership

Organisations can be admitted as ordinary member, if they advocate the interests of their autochthonous, national minority/ethnic group in a representative manner, are democratically constituted, fulfil the requirements of Article 2 of the FUEN Statutes and have a substantial part of the autochthonous, national minority/ethnic group as their members. Two or more organisations advocating the interests of the same autochthonous, national minority/ethnic group in a representative manner can also be admitted as ordinary members.


Organisations of autochthonous, national minorities/ethnic groups can be admitted as associated members, if they are not represented by ordinary members. Also EBLUL-Member State Committees or associations of several minorities in one state, which work independently on the national level, may be admitted as associated members.


Establishments, institutions, foundations and associations can also be admit­ted as supporting members, provided that they support the work of FUEN.