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FUEN Prize

The FUEN Prize is a special honour for extraordinary dedication and great commitment to autochthonous, national minority communities and language groups in Europe. It was launched in 2019 as a sign of great recognition and gratitude for the work and outstanding commitment of the awarded person, for peace, the protection of minorities and the peaceful coexistence of minorities and language communities. In this way, the FUEN Prize is intended to serve as a motivation for both the honourees and the general public to continue working for the rights, goals and interests of minority communities of Europe and FUEN in the future.

The FUEN Prize is awarded once a year in a festive ceremony to persons who are actively involved in the field of minority protection and who work with commitment and dedication for the improvement and recognition of autochthonous and national minorities and language groups.

Since 2021, the FUEN Award has been a work of art entitled "Two Bridges". This symbolises one of FUEN's guiding principles: minorities are bridge builders. The object, made of cast resin, gold leaf and wood, was produced by the Flensburg artist Simone Bruhn, who belongs to the Danish minority. It is intended to symbolise peaceful coexistence in Europe and is a sign of the interplay between tradition and modernity.

The previous laureates:

Hartmut Koschyk

Former German Commissioner for Matters Related to Ethnic German Resettlers and National Minorities


"The FUEN Presidium’s unanimous choice was based on the dedication, involvement and performances during the many years in which Mr. Koschyk worked on minority protection." Olga Martens, FUEN Vice President.

Fernand de Varennes

United Nations Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues


"Considered one of the leading experts in the field of minority rights, his appointment as Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues by the United Nations was a logical consequence of his successful work. FUEN appreciates the work he has done as an academic expert on minority issues." Angelika Mlinar, FUEN Vice President.

Gianclaudio Bressa

Italian politician, former deputy and member of government


"With his actions, Gianclaudio Bressa is an example and role model; as a representative of the majority population, he not only has an open ear, but has also shown through active and concrete action over decades how minorities can be supported in their development." Daniel Alfreider, FUEN Vice President.

Renate Schnack

German Politician and former Minority Commissioner of Schleswig-Holstein


"Renate Schnack is above all a role model when it comes to putting objectives and strategies in minority policy into practice. How does she manage it? - She is empathetic, a good listener and has diplomatic skills - and never gives up!" Gösta Toft, FUEN Vice President