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Reslöv 2304 • S-241 72 Marieholm
0046-708 954810

Göran Hansson Chairman

Siftelsen Skånsk Framtid was founded in 1989 by Göran Hansson and Dr Peter Broberg. Its purpose was and is to raise awareness of the Scanian language, culture and identity both in Sweden and abroad. The SSF has been a member of FUEN since 1991.

From the beginning, SSF has been involved in human rights issues, the promotion of regionalism in the European Union and in Sweden, as well as other activities that support the survival and development of the regional language, culture and identity.

Skåne (Skåneland) is located in the southern part of the Scandinavian peninsula. Its area is approximately 21,000 square kilometres. Historic Skåne consists of four provinces - Skåne, Halland, Blekinge (now part of Sweden) and the island of Bornholm (now part of Denmark). Skåne today has about 1.5 million inhabitants. Neither the territory of Skåne nor the population of Skåne have legal status in the state of Sweden. The Scanian language is not recognised by the state and is not subject to sufficient legal protection.