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RF, 111024, Moscow, st. Aviamotornaya, 50, building 2, room XIV, room 56

Dinara Nasrutdinova President

The Regional Civic Organisation for Development of Kumyk Culture, Contribution to Kumyk Language, Preservation and Coordination of Kumyk projects “Qumuqlar” is an NGO which represents the Kumyk Turks in the Russian Federation. The organisation was registered in 2014 and is seated in Moscow. The objectives of the organisation according to the Statutes are the development of Kumyk culture, contribution to the Kumyk language and preservation and coordination of Kumyk projects. The organisation carries out important activities such as cultural and religious events with limited financial and human sources and organises an annual Kumyk culture day during the festival of Turkic groups in Moscow. Primary activities also include language protection and promotion as well as activity on international level.