Federal Union of European Nationalities
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Trg Kralia Tomislava 7 • HR-43500 Daruvar
+385 989 477547

Damir Malina Chairman
The objective of the Coordination Council and Representatives of the Czech National minority is the protection and promotion of interests of the members of national minority, in accordance to regulations of Constitutional law on the rights of national minorities. The Council achieves its objectives by:
  • Proposing to self-government units measures to improve the position of the respective national minority nation-wide or in a specific area, including proposals of by-laws to regulate issues relevant for that national minority;
  • Proposing candidates for duties in government administration bodies and bodies of self-government units; - Being informed of any issue to be discussed by the committees of the self-government unit's representative bodies, of relevance to that national minority;
  • Giving their views and make proposals to self-government unit's bodies concerning local and regional radio and TV broadcasts intended for national minorities or addressing minority issues.
  • Organising consultations
  • Being included in the work of associations and institutions of Czech national minority
  • Other work that contributes to achieving the goals in accordance to Council’s programme of work 
Sessions of the Council are held at least once in three months. The Council cooperates with the local self-governmental unit on the area on which the Council was formed and has the right to demand of the local unit to be informed of all actions that have to do with members of the national minority.  The Council is a member of FUEN since 2011.

As of 2011, 9,641 Czechs live in Croatia - about 65 percent of them live in the Bjelovarsko-Bilogorska County, most of them in the city of Daruvar. This is the centre of social and cultural activities of the Czech minority.