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Loránt VINCZE FUEN vice president criticizes mayor of Târgu-Mures

In our opinion, such a request can only be rejected based an serious security threats, but a cultural event obviously cannot offer such a ground - stated Loránt VINCZE at a conference organized in Szentistván, in Mures county, in the central part of Romania. 

Unfortunately this is only the last item on a long list of decisions that disregard the wishes of the local Hungarian community and the rule of law regarding language rights. The municipality also systematically refused to comply with the administrative law that enables the minorities to use their mother tongue in public administration. In Marosvásárhely it is almost impossible to have Hungarian names for schools, squares, streets and other signs. It is unbelievable to have such problems in the Romania of 2013, since the relevant laws were adopted in the late 90s already - said the FUEN vice president. 

FUEN will offer its support and will raise this issue in the European Union. On the invitation of RMDSZ Hans Heinrich Hansen, the president of the FUEN and several vice presidents will be present in Transylvania in mid-September for an on the spot visit to learn more about the situation in Marosvásárhely.

At the conference Loránt VINCZE was also present in his capacity of International Secretary of RMDSZ, and presented the Minority SafePack Initiative. The text was submitted to the European Commission and now the initiators are waiting for the answer from Brussels. Loránt VINCZE praised the support received from Hungary and Hungarian organisations from Romania for the Minority ECI of FUEN.