Union Fédéraliste des Communautés Ethniques Européennes
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5700. Gyula, Eminescu Street
+36 66 463 951
György Kozma President

The National Self-Government of Romanians in Hungary is a representative institution of Romanians in Hungary. It performs the national representation, protection and support of the political and cultural interests of the Romanian nationality it represents. It wishes to increase the internal cohesion of the community and tries to help individuals take on their sense of identity by all means.

The aim of the National Self-Government of Romanians in Hungary is to preserve the Romanian language, the intangible heritage and historical traditions, celebrations and customs, which play a major role in the acceptance of belonging to Romanians, the practice of which can strengthen them as community. In this area, it is of utmost importance to preserve, nurture and transmit the Romanian mother tongue, to use it correctly and to support the education of the Romanian language in the Hungarian school system, and to exchanges, partnerships and programs in Romania.

The National Self-Government of Romanians in Hungary has set itself the goal of protecting and representing the interests of Romanians residing in Hungary within the framework defined by law. It strives for close relations with the competent bodies of the state, the Romanian nationality advocate, the Romanian nationality self-governments and the local governments. In order to preserve, nurture and transmit their identity, culture and national traditions, it cooperates closely with the associations, educational institutions, churches, cultural institutions, NGOs and every member of the Romanians in Hungary who appreciate these objectives.

The National Self-Government of Romanians in Hungary is a member of FUEN since 1 October 2022.


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