Union Fédéraliste des Communautés Ethniques Européennes
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Lagja Aqif Pasha, Rr. Vasil Taja. Nr45 Elbasan, Albania

Marinko Cullafiq President

The Montenegrin Community in Albania “ZCGA” - Elbasan was incorporated in 2018 in Tirana District Court with the sole purpose of organising of Montenegrin community, to develop, promote and preserve the cultural identity and heritage of the Montenegrin community in the home country and abroad.

The objectives of “ZCGA” are: to help recognising, surveying, studying, spreading and protecting the Albanian and Montenegrin history and culture, within and outside of the Albanian Republic; to ideate and execute projects for the above objective; to create a national net and not only, for monitoring and protection of the rights to study, spread and protect the Albanian and Montenegrin history and culture.


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