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Cajakova 8, 811 05 Bratislava
+421 2 5710 6013
+421 915 987 760

Krisztián Forró President

Szövetség-Aliancia (Alliance – Hungarians. Nationalities. Regions / Szövetség – Magyarok. Nemzetiségek. Régiók / Aliancia – Maďari. Národnosti. Regióny), was established on 2 October 2021 by a merge of three former political parties representing the Hungarian community in Slovakia.

Szövetség-Aliancia is a continuation of the politics of the three former parties representing the Hungarian community and the regions inhabited by the Hungarian community at national, regional and local level, which also takes on the advocacy of other national communities living in the southern and eastern regions of Slovakia.

The party is a political catch-all party that adheres to the principles of democracy and puts into practice its activities in compliance with the principles of the rule of law; is a supporter of a socially sensitive and environmentally friendly market economy based on free competition.


Hungarians in Slovakia are the largest ethnic minority of the country. According to the 2011 Slovak census, 458,467 people (8.5% of the total population) declared themselves Hungarians, while 508,714 (9,4% of the population) stated that Hungarian was their mother tongue. These numbers represent approximately 20 % shrinkage of this minority community since 1991. Hungarians in Slovakia are concentrated in compact areas mostly in the southern part of the country, near the border with Hungary. Hungarians in Slovakia have developed system of civil institutions, but do not have any collective rights in the fields of culture, education, language use, etc.


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