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Wul. Olesja Gontschara 44, Büro 3 • UA-01054 Kiew
+38 (044) 288 32 40

Wladimir Leysle Chairman

According to the 2001 Ukrainian census, there are over 33,000 ethnic Germans living in Ukraine. More than 170 German social organisations successfully implement various charitable, cultural and social programs. The Council of Germans of Ukraine is the main coordinating body representing the interests of Germans in Ukraine. The Councik's fields of activity include: culture, education, German language; social projects; economic relations; partnership between Germany and Ukraine; youth work and youth exchange. In more than 68 Ukrainian towns and villages there are German cultural centres, so-called meeting centres (BZ), where the German language and history are taught. In these centres there are also groups for decorative arts, theatre, dances and singing.
Further information: www.deutsche.in.ua


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