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Via Boris Kidric 35 / Kidriceva ul. 35 • SI-6000 Capodistria-Koper

Maurizio Tremul President

The Italian Union (Unione Italiana) is the unitarian, autonomous, democratic and pluralistic organisation of the Italian National Community of the Republics of Croatia and Slovenia, representing the Italian Community’s political, economic, cultural and social needs. 

The main goals of the Italian Union are the protection and development of the national, cultural and linguistic
identity of the members of the Italian National Community (following: INC), the achievement of the specific rights, the maintenance of integrity and indivisibility, the consolidation of the INC’s subjectivity as well as the achievement of equal juridical and constitutional treatment of the INC at the highest level. The Italian Union is legally registered, as a citizens’ association, in the Republic of Croatia (located in Fiume) and in the Republic of Slovenia (located in Capodistria).

The Italian Union is mainly active in the cultural, educational, training, publishing, information, sports, drama, social, juridical (for the respect and affirmation of the rights of the INC), socio-economic, scientific, research, etc. fields, as well as political spheres. Therefore, the Italian Union organises on a yearly basis numerous events and activities, among which are the international competition of art and culture “Istria Nobilissima”, the international painting Ex Tempore of Grisignana, artistic-cultural festivals, study and training workshops, competitions and contests in the scholastic and sports fields, the sports games of minorities, exhibitions, conferences, symposiums, the children’s song festival, etc.

The number of active associated members (adults) of the IU are 31.922, of which 3.254 in Slovenia and 28.668 in Croatia.
In September 2021, the organisation was admitted as an Ordinary Member organisation in the Federal Union of European Nationalities.


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