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Norderstr. 76 • D-24939 Flensburg
+49 461 144 080

Gitte Hougaard-Werner Chairwoman


Sydslesvigsk Forening is the main cultural/cultural-political organisation of the Danish minority in Southern Schleswig, Germany. With about 15,000 members and its 25 affiliated, independent clubs and associations with about 13,000 members, the SSF is often the contact person from outside and accordingly sees itself as a representative of general minority interests.

The Danish minority in Southern Schleswig, the northern part of Schleswig-Holstein bordering on Denmark, has existed since the Danish-Prussian/Austrian War of 1864, which Denmark lost and as a result had to cede North and South Schleswig and lost Holstein's ties to Denmark. In the aftermath of the referendum in 1920, when Northern Schleswig was returned to Denmark, while Southern Schleswig remained near Prussia/Germany, the Danish minority increasingly organised itself through clubs and associations.

Today, the minority comprises around 50,000 people with a more or less distinct Danish-Southern Schleswig identity, is modern and open-minded - and cooperates on a broad range of regional, national and international levels, striving for a good and fruitful coexistence of minority and majority as well as for the existence and development of all national minorities and ethnic groups in Europe.

Guide to the associations of the Danish minority: www.sydslesvig.de


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