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ul. J. Słowackiego 10 • PL-45-364 Opole
+48 77 453 85 07

Rafał Bartek Chairman
The Germans in Poland unite in various organisations. Nearly all organisations are connected in a common representation, which is the Association of German Social-Cultural Societies in Poland, based in Opole (VdG). The VdG is the representative of the Germans in Poland in political contacts, first interlocutor for the German and Polish government and carries out intensive cultural, media and educational work.

The German minority carries out its activities in around 500 meeting points throughout Poland. Like any national minority, the German population in Poland is difficult to grasp in one dimension. It is estimated that there are around 300,000 people of German nationality in Poland. The German minority in Poland is the largest recognised national minority in the country. For historical reasons its representatives live mainly in the south-western (Silesia), southern (Greater Poland), north-western (Pomerania and Kujawy) and north-eastern (Warmia and Mazury) parts of the Republic of Poland.


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