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Pärnu mnt. 6 • EE-10148 Tallinn
+372 6440234

Natalia Ermakov Chairwoman

The Estonian Union of National Minorities (ERÜ) is the umbrella organisation of national minorities in Estonia. It was founded in 1988. The objectives of ERÜ are the representation of national minorities at state and local government level, the protection of their national cultural identity and the strengthening of cooperation between nationalities, both within and outside Estonia. One of the most important tasks of ERÜ is to contribute to the best of its ability to the democratisation and appropriate development of Estonia. ERÜ carries out a wide range of activities in the fields of culture, education and integration and organises various festivities. These include the Estonian Independence Day, the National Day of Diversity, the Tallinn Old Town Days, football matches, exhibitions, seminars, language courses, scientific lectures, educational and information events for children and the Estonian Peoples' Forum, an "Ethno Fair" and concerts. The Estonian Union of National Minorities is a member of FUEN since 2001.



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