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Gerzen Str. 5 • KIR-720021 Bischkek
+ 996 312271820

Valerij Dill Chairman
The central representative of the interests of the German minority in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan is the People's Council of the Germans of the Kyrgyz Republic, which has been operating since 1992. The People's Council coordinates the work of a number of organisations - representatives of the German diaspora, operating in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. The People's Council is a member of FUEN since 1998.
Today, there are about 8,400 ethnic Germans living in Kyrgyzstan, most of whom are concentrated in the fertile Tschui Valley. About 5000 Germans still live here, of which about 2000 live in Bishkek and about 1000 in the immediate vicinity. Other areas with a few members of the German minority are Mailuu-Suu north of the Ferghana Valley, Talas, the Issyk-Kul area and Osh, the capital of the south.


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