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Malaja Pirogovskaja 5. Büro 52 • RUS-119435 Moscow

Elisaweta Graf Chairwoman

The International Union of German Culture (IVDK) is currently the oldest association of Germans in Russia at the federal level (founded on June 28, 1991). The Union is engaged in preservation of Russian-German culture: with various projects - festivals of German culture, seminars, language camps, conferences. On the initiative of the IVDK, the Moscow German Newspaper was refounded in 1998 (first edition: 1870). The IVDK has been a member of FUEN since 2004.

The term Russian Germans is a collective term for the German or ethnic German inhabitants of Russia and other post-Soviet states. The census of the Russian Federation conducted in 2010 lists a total number of 394,138 Germans, 170,154 of whom lived in rural areas and 223,984 in cities.



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