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Nur-Sultan, Kenesary 42/1, Office 4

Yevgeny Bolgert Chair

The Community of Germans of Kazakhstan “Wiedergeburt” Public Foundation is a non-profit organisation with its own legal personality. The foundation was registered on 9 October 2017 in the judicial authorities of the city of Astana as the successor of the Association of German Societies in Kazakhstan “Wiedergeburt”. The Public Foundation "Wiedergeburt" works mainly to preserve and revive the historical, cultural, traditional and linguistic heritage of the Germans. In addition, the society is concerned with the promotion of Trudarmists, oppressed and low-income fellow citizens; the "Wiedergeburt" is also actively involved in youth work; one of its important tasks is cooperation with German-speaking countries.

The aims of the "Wiedergeburt" Foundation are:

1) to represent the interests of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan of German nationality vis-à-vis state authorities and administration, Kazakh, foreign and international organizations and institutions;
2) the organisation of cooperation and collaboration with state authorities and non-governmental organisations in social, economic and cultural issues and in educational and youth work;
3) the organisation of information and consulting, methodological research and publishing work;
4) the organisation of a uniform information space for citizens of German nationality of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
5) the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan of German nationality and their organisations;
6) the revival and preservation of cultural traditions, customs and practices, the restoration and development of the language, education, culture and religion of the German community of Kazakhstan, the promotion of the development of a corresponding infrastructure;
7) the development of economic, social, cultural and educational ties with the compatriots of the Federal Republic of Germany;
8) establishing partnership relations of the German communities of these countries.

The Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (DAZ) is a weekly newspaper in Kazakhstan and was founded in 1966 (http://daz.asia/). It is published in German and Russian with a circulation of up to 2,000 copies. The main topics of the DAZ include German-Kazakhstani relations, tendencies in politics, culture and the societies of Central Asia and Germany as well as perspectives and training opportunities for young people.

The Community of the Germans in Kazakhstan "Wiedergeburt" Public Foundation" is a member of FUEN since 2019.

The German minority in Kazakhstan comprises about 180,000 people (as of 2012). The German minority lives dispersedly in Kazakhstan, and is engaged in linguistic, social and cultural work. One of the most important focal points is youth and child work as well as partnership with compatriots abroad and civil initiatives in Kazakhstan. 

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