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Documents FUEN Congress 2014

FUEN Congress 2014

Together with Bund Deutscher Nordschleswiger (German minority in Denmark) and Sydslesvigsk Forening (Danish minority in Germany), FUEN organised the largest minority congress in Europe, with about 200 guests from 30 countries. It was a jubilee congress; FUEN was founded in 1949 and can look back at 65 years of activities this year. 

Read an overview of the main subjects of the congress and take a look at the many beautiful photos from the congress here


Congress documents




Handout current affairs debate Ukraine

Excursion North Friesland

Competence Analysis “Working with each other, for each other” (German/Danish)



Opening speech of FUEN President Hans Heinrich Hansen

Greeting speech of BDN Chairman Hinrich Jürgensen (in German)

Greeting speech of SSF Chairman Jon Hardon Hansen (in Danish) 

Opening speech Minority Commissioner Hartmut Koschyk (in German)

Opening speech Minority Commissioner Renate Schnack (in German)

Speech Danish Konsul General in Flensburg Henrik Becker Christensen (in Danish)

Speech City Council President of Flensburg Swetlana Krätzschmar (in German)

Speech Hans Heinrich Hansen Ukraine discussion (in German)

Speech Hans Heinrich Hansen Europe Day (in German)

Speech Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein Torsten Albig (in German)


Assembly of Delegates

Speech of FUEN President Hans Heinrich Hansen

Assembly documents

Activity report 2013


Minority Safepack Initiative

House of Minorities in Flensburg

Programmatic Declaration



Delegation of the Turkish Minority of Western Thrace

Ecumenical Federation of Constantinopolitans

The Yenish 

Germans from Russia

Society of the Carpatho-Rusyns/Ruthenes 

Urgent Resolution on Territorial Reform in Brittany 

Resolution on the Political Situation in Ukraine

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