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str. Gh. Doja nr. 8 • HU-5700 Jula
+36 66463079
Marius Maghiaru Chairman

The Cultural Union of the Romanians in Hungary (UCRU) is an umbrella organisation. It was founded on March 21, 1948 in Jula (Gyula). The Union has been a member of FUEN since 1994.

Currently, Romanians in Hungary  constitute a small minority. According to the most recent Hungarian census of 2011 (based on self-determination), the population of Romanians was 35,641 or 0.3%, a significant increase from 8,482 or 0.1% of 2001. The community is concentrated in towns and villages close to the Romanian border, such as Battonya, Elek, Kétegyháza, Pusztaottlaka and Méhkerék, and in the city of Gyula. Romanians also live in the Hungarian capital, Budapest.


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