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Experts gather to discuss ways forward for minority protection at FUEN’s conference in Brussels

40 experts in the field of minority protection, representing think tanks, analytical centers and universities from all over Europe will gather on 4-5 March 2024 in Brussels, Belgium to discuss ways forward in minority protection in Europe. The ‘Ewald Ammende’ International Expert Conference, organised by FUEN will mark the first time that such a large number of experts in the field gather at an event. FUEN is proud that so many have answered their call in a time when evidence shows that there is a negative evolution in the field of minority protection in Europe.

FUEN is of the conviction that now is the time to recognise the grave dangers national minorities face and move forward to ensure their equal rights as well as new or stronger approaches to minority protection. The conference aims to discuss the current situation in order to reflect upon and formulate solutions for counteracting the grave regression in the protection of national minorities so as to enhance minority protection.

Participants will discuss the current overall impact and shortcomings of international and European mechanisms for minority protection (OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities, Council of Europe Framework Convention on National Minorities, European Charter on Regional or Minority Languages, European Union institutions, UN), talk about the problems of developing and agreeing on a unitary definition of national minorities, and the role different actors can play in improving the situation. Finally, ways forward will be debated, including possible new norms, standards and instruments needed for arriving at a better protection regime for minorities in Europe.