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FUEN invites for a dialogue for a stable future in Kyiv

The concerns, but also the opportunities of minorities from Ukraine, other Eastern Partnership countries and Russia will be on the table at FUEN’s conference Dialogue for a Stabel Future this week in Kyiv. The event will held between 27-29 November 2019.

The project’s aim is to get first-hand reports on the current situation of minorities regarding education rights, the use of mother language, access to media and integration in the society and identifying ways of helping them achieving their goals. The project also aims to facilitate the political participation of minorities and organizes a dialogue at eye level with political decisionmakers and minority affairs authorities.

The conference will be opened by FUEN Vice President Gösta Toft. FUEN’s projects Minorities in the Western Balkans and the Minority Commissioner Office in Bijeljina are going to be presented by project coordinator Matic Germovsek and the representatives of the city, while the Minority Monitor project, which provides a common platform for autochthonous national minorities and language communities in Europe to make violations and disregard of their rights visible to the public is going to be presented by Arvid Martens. FUEN’s longtime partner European Center for Minority Issues (ECMI) will also be represented at the event by Senior Analyst Zora Popova.

The participants will visit the Babi Yar and Roma memorial and will have the opportunity to taste the Crimean Tatar cuisine and take part in a cultural event organized by them.