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Statement of the occasion of the big Szekler March in Transylvania

On behalf of the Federal Union of European Nationalities we express our full solidarity and support with the Hungarian community in Romania and with their struggle for autonomy. We greet the Big Szekler March and all its participants. All European autochthonous national minorities shall have right to self-determination. The communities themselves should be able to decide at which extent they wish to obtain the rights to manage their own affairs. The Hungarian minority in Romania, - Europe's largest ethnic minority living in one country - has proclaimed a long ago its wish for territorial autonomy in Szeklerland, and cultural autonomy for the other parts of the community.

The various forms of autonomy - including territorial autonomy - exist in many European Union member states. While in most cases difficult legacies were settled and the achievement of autonomy took several decades, it is a fact that autonomy strengthens the community and also the regional and territorial cohesion of such areas.

The FUEN supports the struggles for minority rights of all its member organisations, thus also the demand for the territorial autonomy of Szeklerland. The RMDSZ is a strong partner of the FUEN. We will continue to work together in the EU towards a framework for national minorities. We have a strong cooperation with the RMDSZ and other national minority Members of the European parliament as well as with other MEPs who support our cause.

We urge the Hungarians living in Romania never to give up their faith in self-determination, and the autonomous settlement of their own affairs. They should use the tools offered by the political representation: they should support the RMDSZ, which represents the interests of the community; they should use the means of the civil pressure, and preserve the force of the united action. It is clear that you have to work together with the majority to create the best conditions to start negotiations in order to achieve your goals. Meanwhile you must at all times be ready to start a dialogue with the Government and the European Union.

The FUEN is convinced that in Szeklerland, as well as in the whole European Union, national communities must be dedicated to their cause and should be persistent in obtaining their rights.

Hans Heinrich Hansen

Vincze Loránt
Vice President

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