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The Hungarian Parliament adopts a resolution in support of the Minority SafePack Initiative

At its meeting on Wednesday, 28 April 2021, the Hungarian Parliament almost unanimously (157 for, 1 against) adopted a resolution in support of the Minority SafePack Initiative. The resolution, proposed by the Committe on National Cohesion and the Committe on Nationalities, highlights the achievements of the Initiative – the 1.1 million signatures collected, the public hearing and the resolution of the European Parliament.

“The Parliament is deeply shocked that, contrary to the European Parliament's resolution in favor of the Minority SafePack, which was adopted by a large majority, the European Commission rejected the initiative in its entirety, not only ignoring the opinion of the European Parliament but disregarding the will of European citizens” – says the resolution. By its decision, the European Commission has missed the historic opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to European autochthonous minorities and to support and protect their culture, points out the document.

Furthermore, the Parliament states that it continues to support the Hungarian communities abroad, as well as the autochthonous national minorities, who make up almost 10% of the population of the European Union; it consistently supports the protection of their identity, the fulfillment of their individual and community rights, their right to their homeland, and the security of their livelihood.

At an online press conference held after the plenary vote, it was also announced that all 19 counties of Hungary have also adopted a resolution on the MSPI. At the press conference, FUEN President MEP Loránt Vincze thanked the Hungarian Parliament and the parties for their strong support, noting that up until today more than 80 regional parliaments, county and local authorities, NGOs and politicians have voiced their concerns regarding the European Commission’s communication on the MSPI and asked the Commission to reconsider its decision.