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Jane Sandanski 77/3-39 • MZ-1000 Skopje
+389 2447345

Dimo N.Dimcev Chairman

Unia ti culturã-a Armãnjlor dit Machidunii / Unija za kultura na Vlasite od Makedonija
The Union for Culture of the Aromanians from Macedonia since its founding in 1997 holds as its primary aim the maintenance of the culture and the traditions of the Aromanians, to support the learning of the Aromanian language, literature, and folklore and Aromanian history by the younger generations. The Union is engaged mostly in the publishing of works, and beside the magazine “Grailu Armanescu” which is completely in Aromanian language, prints also books about many topics as Aromanian history literature and folklore, and also translation in Aromanian language, from different types of world and church texts as well. Some of these books are in Aromanian language; others in Macedonian, French, Italian, but a bigger part of the editions are bilingual Aromanian-Macedonian, Macedonian-German, and ever three lingual Aromanian-Macedonian-English. Beside the publishing work, the Union also carefully follows the political situation in the state of North Macedonia and the Balkans and fights for the recognition of the civil and religious rights of the Aromanians, recognised as “a part of the Aromanian (Vlah) nation “ in the Constitution of the Republic of North Macedonia, and as a minority in all the Balkan countries. The Union for Culture of the Aromanians from Macedonia is a member of FUEN since 2002.

In the Republic of North Macedonia according to the official data there are around 9000 Aromanians , but according to the data of the Aromanian society there are around 80.000/90.000. Only here, the Aromanians have been recognised in the Constitution as a ‘part of the Aromanian nation‘, they have regular broadcast in Aromanian language on the state TV (three times a week for half an hour) and on the state radio (every day for half an hour). Aromanian language broadcast can also be found in the other cities in Macedonia - Radio Shtip, Radio Kumanovo and radio Krusevo and they have a half an hour broadcast once a week. In some Macedonian cities where a big population of Aromanians exists, like Skopje, Bitola, Shtip, Krusevo, there is an optional Aromanian language teaching in the primary schools.


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