Federal Union of European Nationalities
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EL / RJ • 2 rue des roses • FR-67500 Haguenau
+33 388731667

Robert Joachim Delegate

Since 1970 the EL Association has always been active in the cultural and linguistic field. It is involved in environmental protection and the anti-nuclear movement. It leads the political and social debate and is committed, among other things, to the establishment of free radio stations, participation in elections through rallies and public appearances and the establishment of German-speaking school classes. The aim is the right of self-determination for Alsace-Lorraine in a federal Europe of peoples and regions. .

2.5 million people live in Alsace-Lorraine, from the banks of the Rhine to those of the Moselle. Two to three generations ago, more than 95% of the population still spoke German and its dialects. An important reason for the sharp decline of the language is to be found in France's centralist policy, which leaves little or no competence to regional and local actors and is hostile to regional and minority languages and regional cultures.


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