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14 rue de la Chataignerie, 68420 HUSSEREN-LES-CHATEAUX
+33 6 37646003

Jean-Georges Trouillet President

“Unser Land “(Our Country) is an Alsatian political movement founded in 2009 by Jean-Georges Trouillet. It is led currently by Jean-Georges Trouillet. “Unser Land” aims to represent the Alsatian population - Alsatians by origin and adoption - and its interests.It is based in the Grand Est region of France and currently has 700 members.

It is working: to the constitution and development of an autonomous Alsace within a Europe of Peoples and Regions, to the implementation of the principle of subsidiarity, to social and economic justice, to the respect of individual and collective human rights. “Unser Land” is a political movement that is not part of the right-left division.

The movement has run candidates for all the elections held in Alsace since 2009. From the departmental elections of March 2015, “Unser Land” has become the 3rd largest political force in Alsace in terms of number of votes.

"Unser Land" is a member of FUEN since 1 October 2022.


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