Federal Union of European Nationalities
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In 2023, the Annual Congress of the Federal Union of European Nationalities took place between 7-10 September in Pécs * Fünfkirchen * Pečuh, Hungary, a multicultural city with eleven different nationalities living in it besides Hungarians. It was hosted by the National Self-Government of Germans in Hungary.

The topics included the situation of minority rights in the EU neighbourhood, the participation of minority organisations in democratic processes and the presentation of the Hungarian minority law framework by the leaders of the minority communities of Hungary.

A visit to minority schools, a city tour and an excursion and cultural performances in Véménd – Wemend was also part of the event.

The FUEN Prize was awarded to German politician Renate Schnack.

The Assembly of Delegates adopted a Main Resolution appealing to the need for intensive consultations with national minorities and, on the other hand, to the protection of national minorities in Ukraine.