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FUEN‘s team met the new head of the Minderheitensekretariat

Since 1 October 2020, Gösta Nissen has been head of the Minderheitensekretariat in Berlin. He took over the direction of the office from Judit Šołćina / Judith Scholze, who is on parental leave. In order to get to know each other and to introduce the activities of the FUEN to Mr. Nissen, an online meeting between the staff of the Minderheitensekretariat and the FUEN Office Berlin took place on December 8th. Mr. Nissen, who has Frisian roots, introduced himself to the FUEN team and reported about the main focus of the activities of the Minority Secretariat. FUEN Secretary General Éva Pénzes introduced the fields of activity of the FUEN and the coordinators of the working groups reported on the structure and contents of the working groups Education and Non-Kinstate. A main focus of the discussion was also the current status of the Minority SafePack Initiative. 

We look forward to the cooperation with Gösta Nissen and to the continuation of the close collaboration between the two offices in 2021.