Union Fédéraliste des Communautés Ethniques Européennes
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FUEN Meeting with Carl Holst

The main points of discussion at the meeting with Chairman Carl Holst in Vejle were the Region of Syddanmark and its cooperation with other European regions in the area of minority policy. 

FUEN President Hans Heinrich Hansen and FUEN Vice President Dieter Paul Küssner used the opportunity to present the European activities of FUEN and to advocate for a stronger involvement of the Region of Sydddanmark. 

In this regard the positioning of the German-Danish border region and the House of Minorities in Flensburg plays a major role.

The meeting at the Region of Syddanmark comes after a meeting of FUEN in South Tyrol and the recent meeting with representatives of Schleswig-Holstein. 

Next week (3 March) Hans Heinrich Hansen will meet the recently elected Prime Minister Oliver Paasch of the German-speaking Community in Belgium.