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Conferences, cultural sites and a significant anniversary – the 30th Annual Conference of the AGDM in Northern Schleswig

This much is certain: it will be no ordinary Annual Conference, for which FUEN's Working Group of German Minorities (AGDM) will meet from 4 to 7 November in North Schleswig, the home of the German minority in Denmark. There is an anniversary to celebrate: the AGDM has already existed for 30 years. This makes it the oldest working group in the FUEN family. At the end of the meeting, the round birthday will be celebrated with speeches – among others by the Federal Government Commissioner for Minorities, Prof. Dr. Bernd Fabritius, and former AGDM Speaker and former FUEN President Hans Heinrich Hansen –, the screening of an anniversary film and a cultural and culinary programme.

Prior to that, in addition to numerous working meetings, the agenda includes visits to the Hadersleben Rowing Club, the German Museum of Northern Schleswig in Sonderburg and the German Gymnasiums in Apenrade and Knivsberg, where the cultural centre of the German minority in Denmark is located. On 6 November, the AGDM will take part in the "German Day" celebrations in Tingleff, where the Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein, Daniel Günther, will deliver the keynote address.

"We are looking forward to finally getting together again in person and exchanging ideas after the forced interruption caused by the Corona," says AGDM Speaker Bernard Gaida. The main topic will be the future strategic orientation of the working group against the background of the new political situation in Germany. About 20 participants from eleven countries are expected.

The AGDM youth representatives will meet directly afterwards for their annual conference on Knivsberg from 7 to 9 November.