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The 24th AGSM Seminar of Slavic Minorities in Europe starts today

The 24th AGSM Seminar starts on Thursday, 30 September 2021 in Molise, Italy. The representatives of the Slavic minorities in Europe will be greeted at tonight’s informal opening by Antonio Sammartino, President of the host Foundation „Agostina Piccoli“ and Angelika Mlinar, FUEN Vice President and AGSM Spokesperson.

The hosts of the 2021 seminar, the Molise-Croatian minority, is one of the smallest minorities within the AGSM and FUEN family. The AGSM seminar will put emphasis on presenting this community, the region and the towns and villages they live in.

The implementation of the law on the recognition of minorities in Italy will be discussed at the meeting, debating which areas of life of the Croatian community it protects and which not, and what advantages and disadvantages its application in practice brings. The principle of reciprocity in the politics of minority communities in Italy and Croatia will also be discussed, as well as the impact and consequences of the Covid-19 lockdowns on the community.

The part-taking minority representatives will also have the chance to report on the current state of their minority, and the AGSM will present its activity and plans at the Annual Meeting which ends on Sunday, 3 October.

On this occasion also the 25th anniversary of the AGSM will be celebrated. The AGSM was established in 1996, at its very first seminar in Schmochtitz / Smochćicy in Kreis Bautzen / Budyšin, Germany. Established at the proposal of Domowina – Association of Lusatian Sorbs, today the AGSM unites more than 30 member organisations and partners.