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Barbara Willan Chairwoman

On 16 October 1990, participants of the "Masurian Talks" in Kruttinnen decided to establish a "Masurian Society". The Statutes were adopted on 17 October 1990. On 2 January 1991,  the society was registered at the court. The Masurian Society strives to preserve and spread the Masurian culture in all its facets and bilingualism. The Society aims
- to create and maintain ties with Masurians who have left their homeland;
- to maintain the bilingualism of the Masurians by spreading and teaching the repressed German language;
- activities to protect the German-Masurian cultural heritage;
- spreading knowledge about the history and culture of the German people;
- establishing links with German organisations of a social, cultural and educational nature. The Masurian society is a publisher of a German language cultural magazine "Masurische Storchenpost" and a member of FUEN since 1991.


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