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Hretska str. 63 • UA-Mariupol, Donetsk Oblast
00 38 0629 34 91 24
Stepan Mahsm Chairman
The Federation of Greek Societies of Ukraine unites 100 greek communities from 19 regions of Ukraine. The objectives of the Federation are the consolidation of the Greek Diaspora, the implementation and protection of rights and freedoms, the satisfaction of the interests and needs of the union members, the development of comprehensive relations with Greece and Greeks abroad, the promotion of the preservation of peace, unity and harmonious interethnic relations in Ukraine. The Federation publishes a monthly magazine. The Federation of the Greek Societies of Ukraine is a member of FUEN since 2016.
Greeks in Ukraine are a Hellenic minority that resides in Ukraine or used to live on territory of modern Ukraine. Most of them live in Donetsk Oblast and are particularly concentrated around the city of Mariupol. According to the 2001 Ukrainian Census, in Ukraine reside 91,548 ethnic Greeks that is 0.2% of whole population of Ukraine.

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