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In 2022, the Annual Congress of the Federal Union of European Nationalities took place in Berlin, Germany between 29 September – 2 October, the most populated city in the EU, where FUEN also has an office. It was hosted by the autochthonous minorities of Germany, the Lusatian Sorbs, the Danish minority, the Sinti and Roman and the Frisian minority.

The event was deeply marked by the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. Its topics included the situation of minority communities in international, regional, and national conflicts, looking back at past conflicts in Europe and giving the floor to the minorities in Ukraine, an exchange with Bundestag members and the presentation of the minorities in Germany. The programme also included visits tot he Bundestag and to the Memorial tot he Sinti and Roma of Europe Murdered under National Socialism.

The FUEN Prize was awarded to Italian politician Gianclaudio Bressa.

The Assembly of Delegates elected a new presidium and adopted a main resolution concerning the situation in Ukraine.