Union Fédéraliste des Communautés Ethniques Européennes
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Types of membership

Organisations can be admitted as ordinary members if they
a) advocate for the interests of their autochthonous minority in a representative manner,
b) are democratically constituted,
c) meet the criteria of Article 2 of the FUEN Statutes, and
d) represent a substantial part of the autochthonous minority.

Associated membership serves as preparation for an ordinary membership. It also enables membership for organisations of autochthonous minorities which are already represented in FUEN by ordinary members. The following may be admitted as associated members:
- Organisations which meet the requirements of Article 5 of the FUEN Statutes
- Associations representing several minorities in one state

Individual persons as well as establishments, institutions, foundations and associations that support the work of FUEN ideationally and financially can be admitted as supporting members.