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A singing President (Stol TV)

Erdély TV (Hungarian TV)

Minet TV - Film Magazine from South Tyrol

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With more than 220 participants, the 58th FUEN Congress that took place in Brixen, South Tyrol from 19 till 23 June 2013, will enter the history books of the largest umbrella organisation of the autochthonous minorities and ethnic groups of Europe. 

From South-Tyrol to the European Union for the minorities

“It is neither a gift nor an exception we are expecting Europe to grant us. We are requesting our rights granted in many European member state. We are requesting rights for each minority community, rights achieved and implemented in functioning democratic systems at the price of decades-long struggles.” Stated Kelemen Hunor, the president of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ)


The Editor in Chief of the Danish Daily Flensborg Avis, Bjarne Lønborg, on the importance of the European Citizens Initiative - the minority and majority in whole Europe should support this Initiative.

South Tyrol - A series of articles in the biggest newspaper in South Tyrol "Dolomiten"

20. Juni 2013 - Dolomiten

21. Juni 2013 - Dolomiten

22. Juni 2013 - Dolomiten

22. Juni 2013 - Dolomiten

24. Juni 2013 - Dolomiten

Greece - The Turkish weekly Millet Batı Trakya Türkleri'nin Gazetesi
On the FUEN Congress, the MINORITY SAFEPACK INITIATIVE and the DEB-Party from Greece now as a new FUEN member organization. 

German Minority Der Nordschleswiger 
The German Daily on the election of Hans Heinrich Hansen as FUEN president and on the FUEN Congress in General.

Croatian - Public Broadcaster Austria
Article ORF on the election of Ms. Novak-Karall in the European Dialog Forum

The end of the “cucumber season” – written by Ambrus Attila
Those of us who are even a bit interested in the sky-high pile of the European Union’s standards, we can be aware of the fact – and there’s no denying - that is better to be a bovine in the European Union, than to be a part of a national minority. The European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council pay more attention to the well being of bovines than to the issue of the autochthonous minorities.  

German - Südtirol News
Article about the election of Martha Stocker as FUEN vice president

At home in our region, strong in Europe - Interview with Vincze Loránt, FUEN Vice-president
“We believe that the proposals we want to present to the European Commission is a package which places the issue of minority protection in a European context and calls for a solution. It is unacceptable  that the European Union states at every turn that the issue of the minorities does not come under the EU competences, even though in the recent years in  several cases the European Union found a way to draw into its competence and recommend certain policies to member states.”

Several article in the danish newspaper Flensborg Avis about the Assembly of Delegates, the FUEN congress, the Citizens Initiative.
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- Page 3

Press release from Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization -  UNPO on the FUEN Congress in Brixen

The press release of Iuliu WinklerAbout his proposal that FUEN should become consultative body at the European Parliament.

Press release from our member organization ABTTF

South Tirol
Südtiroler Volkspartei über die Eröffnung des FUEV - Kongresses

Turkish Article from the weekly Birlik in Western Thrace, Greece

Südtiroler Volkspartei über die Wahl der FUEV Vizepräsidentin Martha Stocker

The Minority Citizen’s Initiative of DAHR was officially launched
The minority citizens' initiative and the attached draft framework was presented at the Federal Union of European Nationalities’ (FUEN) Congress in Brixen, South Tyrol. At the launching ceremony speeches were held by Luis Durnwalder,the prime minoster of  South Tyrol, Hans Heinrich Hansen, the president of FUEN and Kelemen Hunor, the president of DAHR.

Article from the Rodop Rüzgarı on the Congress and the election results

Nominated by DAHR (RMDSZ), Vincze Loránt was elected FUEN Vice-president
After the election, Vince Lorand, the newly appointed Vice-president sated: With over sixty years of activity, the Federal Union of European Nationalities should become an indispensable partner of the European Union’s institutions. This opportunity was created by the Minority European Citizen’s Initiative.

Press release from our new member organization Friendship, Equality, Peace Party(DEB Party)