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MiLaS-fireworks in the Alsion-building

On Europe Dat, 9 May 2014, the finals of the MiLaS language competition took place in the impressive concert hall of the Alsion-building in Sønderborg / Sonderburg, Denmark. In the past weeks the language competition led to the creation of more than 30, for a part very diverse videos from 10 countries and in 25 languages, in the world-wide-web (take a look at: www.milas.language-diversity.eu).

To decide who would be the winner was not easy at all. The top-notch international jury had a hard time and also the audience of more than 200 people from all over Europe clearly would have been satisfied if every single one of the finalists would have received a prize. But there can only be only one winner, or in the case of MiLaS, only two: the Ludwig Andresen School from the German minority in Denmark with their act “synnejysk kaffeboe” and Lisiana Demiraj from Albania with “Ai – He” shared the first place. Closely behind them was the second place for SAEK serbski widejokružk in cooperation with “Ignac Fecich & dance company” (DE) with the song “Ćek dom (Get home)”. The third place went to Manuel Trapp (DE) with his act “Stolz ein Jenischer zu sein (Proud to be Yenish)”, which he had to share with the Seventh Grade Class of Deutsche Schule Pattburg (DK), with the act “Lasse und Maria”.

We would like to express our thanks to the concert hall of the Alsion-building for their professional structure and their great support. We also thank the Nordschleswigsche Musikvereinigung-orchestra and Simon Glöde and his band for their music performances during the prize ceremony.

A special thank you for our two moderators Hester Knol and Stephan Kleinschmidt, who navigated us through the programme. 

We also thank the Region of Syddanmark for their financial support for both the prize award ceremony and also for the competition. 

Last but not least we want to very much thank all the participants, our European jury, all organisers and supporters and the great audience in the Alsion-building: It has been great fun together with you! 

Background information: 

MiLaS – in April 2014 our European language campaign language diversity started the first Europe-wide online-language competition for youth and young adults, that focuses on linguistic diversity and multilingualism. The emphasis is put particularly on the regional and minority languages of Europe, which should become more attractive and improve their image.

“Show us how beautiful your language(s) are! Show us in a relaxed, cool, funky or emotional way, using self-written poems, sketches or songs, what you are capable of and how beautiful your language(s) are!” – that was our call.

More information about MiLaS:

http://language-diversity.eu/campaigns/milas-wettbewerb or http://milas.language-diversity.eu 



Our MiLaS acts:

First place

Eight Grade Class of Ludwig Andresen Schule (DK) with: Synnejysk kaffeboe
Demiraj Lisiana (AL) with: Ai – He 

Second place 

SAEK serbski widejokružk – in cooperation with "Ignac Fecich & dance company" (DE) with: Ćek dom (Get home)

Third place 
Trapp Manuel (DE) with: Stolz ein Jenischer zu sein (Proud to be Yenish)
Deutsche Schule Pattburg, Seventh Grade Class (DK) with: Lasse und Maria 

Read more: http://language-diversity.eu/en/blog/2014/05/12/milas-feuerwerk-im-alsion/