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FUEN received the award of the Macedonian Association "Ilinden"-Tirana

The President of the Macedonian Association "Ilinden"-Tirana, Mr. Nikola Gјurgjaj, on the occasion of the eleventh anniversary of the founding and fruitful work of the Association, has decided to award the “Ilinden” Certificates and the “Ilinden” Award.

The Certificate of Appreciation and Award is given to persons for their particular commitment to engagement and permanent activities aimed at preserving and maintaining the Macedonian identity of the members of the Macedonian national minority in Albania. The nominees for the Ilinden Acknowledgment Award and the Ilinden Award have made a special contribution to the life, history, culture and preservation of the authentic Macedonian tradition. The certificate of appreciation and the award "Ilinden" are symbols of recognition awarded for works and deeds that deserve recognition, awarded and presented personally by the President of the Macedonian Association "Ilinden"-Tirana.

This year the Acknowledgment "Ilinden" is awarded to the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN). FUEN has 107 member organizations from 35 European countries. The Macedonian Association "Ilinden"-Tirana became a member of the Federal Union of European Nationalities on 16 May 2015.