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FUEN president Hans Heinrich Hansen calls for dialogue and welcomes the widespread support from all the minorities in Romania for the European Citizens’ Initiative

The main topic of the minority conference, hosted by the Hungarian foundation, was the Minority SafePack Initiative. Eleven out of nineteen representatives of the Romanian national minority organisations were present at the debates.

During the two days visit FUEN also had a fact finding mission in the Transylvanian city during which it looked for information from both sides on the Hungarian and Romanian interethnic situation. Previously the FUEN delegation had met the county and local representatives of RMDSZ, the vice mayor of the city, the president of the county council and representatives of civil society. 

“I am very glad that all the minorities who are present at the conference support our citizens’ initiative and want to take part in it. I would like to explicitly thank the large and politically strong Hungarian minority in Romania for supporting all the other minorities on the basis of solidarity – also the smallest in Europe; that is highly commendable.”

“It was important for us to hear during the talks that the relation between those who govern and the minorities – especially here in Tirgu Mures – is quite tense at the moment. In FUEN we are convinced that conflicts can only be solved through dialogue. I therefore call upon those who govern to lead this dialogue. Problems can be solved together. From the experience of FUEN and based on my own personal experienced I would like to explain to everyone who oppose multilingualism and the development of multilingualism, which has a natural presence in this region, to not regard multilingualism and cultural diversity as a threat, but as something that enriches the region and is added value. Added value that enriches and empowers the town and the region as a whole.”

RMDSZ vice president László Borbély expressed his concern over the fact that in the EU we can hear more and more often the concept of extremist parties that nation states should be much stronger, but this is also a populist answer to the recession. He stated:

"This is a concept we, European minorities cannot accept. National identity is very important for everybody, but the age of the nation states has passed by. That is why I hope that many people will join our initiative. The conference has strengthened my belief that it is a cause worth fighting for. We should be able to gather 1 million signatures in one year time and then represent and implement the specific interests of the national minorities within the EU.

The vice president of RMDSZ also praised the representatives of 11 national minorities from Romania for their positive attitude towards the Minority SafePack Initiative.

Vice president Loránt Vincze presented the proposals of FUEN to help solve the still existing tension between the Hungarian and Romanian communities living in this area. "We can see the willingness for cooperation on both sides, but also actions are needed because the door can be opened from both sides - said Loránt Vincze. The law on local administration that includes the right to use the mother tongue in public administration was adopted 15 years ago, but it is not yet fully implemented in Tirgu-Mures / Marosvásárhely. Moreover, the mayor of the city is not a partner for dialogue, he repeatedly attacks the Hungarian community, recently by not granting the right to organise a Hungarian cultural event in the main square of the city. In FUEN’s opinion learning it would help the dialogue and interethnic exchange when the majority would learn the Hungarian language, but the Hungarian community should help by offering language courses and explaining better its aims and the highlights of the community, for example with publications and brochures."

Loránt Vincze also announced that FUEN will celebrate the European Day of Languages on the 26th September in the European Parliament, on the invitation of Mr Iuliu Winkler MEP. Members of the EP, the FUEN presidium and the Dialogue Forum will mark together this important event of European linguistic diversity.