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FUEN Assembly of Delegates goes online

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives and FUEN tries to adapt itself to the new normal and reorganise its activity and annual programs. Due to the pandemic, no regular FUEN Congress can take place this year. The rules, restrictions and safety measures would make it impossible to organise such a large-scale event.

However the FUEN Presidium found a way in which a meaningful event can still take place. The Presidium took the decision that this year the FUEN Assembly of Delegates will be held as an online assembly. This way, important decisions can still be taken, resolutions can be voted on, and the FUEN can continue to do its job in the interests of national minorities, nationalities and language groups of Europe. This decision is based on the relevant provisions of the German Act on the Mitigation of Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the areas of Civil, Insolvency and Criminal Procedure Law, which authorises us to hold an online Assembly of Delegates this year.

The online FUEN Assembly of Delegates 2020 will take place on Saturday, the 24th of October 2020 at 10:00 am (CET). FUEN Member Organisations were already informed of this decision.

Originally, the FUEN Congress 2020 was planned to take place in Gorica/Gorizia at the Italian-Slovene border region. If the Assembly of Delegates agree, this event will be postponed with one year to be organised in 2021. The FUEN Congress 2021 will be hosted by the FUEN Member Organisation the Confederation of Slovene Organisations (SSO – Svet Slovenskih Organizacij), in cooperation with the FUEN Member Organisation the Slovene Union (Slovenska Skupnost).

See you this year at the online Assembly of Delegates and next year in Gorica/Gorizia!