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FUEN Brussels presented its plans to partner organisations

FUEN brought together representatives of ten institutions and organisations working on minority-related issues in the FUEN Office in Brussels on Tuesday, 11 June.

At the meeting attended by representatives of NPLD, ELEN, UNPO, FUEN TAG, ADC Memorial Brussels, European Roma Grassroot Organisations Network, the offices of MEPs and Minority Intergroup co-chairs Loránt Vincze and Kinga Gál and the Representation of Europaregion - Tyrol – South Tyrol – Trentino, the FUEN Brussels team delivered a presentation about the thematic priorities and ongoing projects of the FUEN in Brussels. The work of the European Dialogue Forum, the Minority Safe Pack Initiative (MSPI), the Mute Hate campaign, FUEN’s projects in the field of minority education and the Forum of the Minority Regions were among the main topics presented.

This was followed by the round of inputs by the invited participants on the mandate, thematic priorities, and upcoming activities of their respective organisations. Such a discussion allowed to re-establish connection between the partner institutions, coordinate their calendars and have a meaningful exchange on the possible thematic points for the cooperation. The written input of the European Commission’s DG Education, Youth, Sports and Culture was also presented.

The meeting was concluded by identifying several important topics for the joint advocacy work on minorities vis-à-vis the EU institutions. All partners stressed the importance to have the Intergroup on Traditional Minorities, National Communities and Languages re-established by the recently elected members of the European Parliament. Further cooperation was welcomed by all sides and it was tentatively agreed that the next coordination meeting would take place at the beginning of 2025.