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This is our new FUEN project "Women of Minorities"

Are women in minorities a minority? What about their representation in official bodies? How equal is it in our organisations? What are the challenges and how can we overcome them? We want to devote more attention to this exciting topic in the future with our new project "Women of Minorities". 

In order to get an overview of the status quo, our member organisations received a questionnaire in November about the gender distribution in structures and bodies. We are pleased that over 40 organisations participated and in this way helped to get a comprehensive picture. The results of the small study will be presented by our project manager Dr Zora Popova via Zoom on Thursday 15 December 2022 from 10:00 - 11:30 (CET).

After the presentation, there will be time for questions and a short discussion on the topic. The main purpose will be to exchange ideas on possible future activities and to explore possible improvement. What tools can be used to make the change towards better representation of women in minority organisations?

Do you want to be part of it? Then register here and join us on Thursday via Zoom:


We are looking forward to your participation!

title image: pixabay/geralt

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