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Minority Calendar 2024: FUEN invites you on a culinary journey through Europe's minority cuisines

"You are what you eat" – there is a lot of truth in this sentence, and not just when it comes to health. Our cultural identity is also characterised by our cuisine, our traditional dishes and the way we eat. For the new edition of the FUEN Minority Calendar 2024, we have therefore chosen to focus on culinary delights. The calendar invites you on a tasty journey through Europe, from the crunchy and colourful vegetable stew "Schnüsch" from North Schleswig to the traditional Romanian pancakes called "Rătișe" and "Halva", the favourite dessert of the Aromanian minority in Serbia.

Illustrator Olga Balai, who was born in Belarus and currently lives in Berlin, has created colourful illustrations of the culinary treasures.

Photo: Ralph Darabos

Whether it's a festive feast on a holiday, the special story behind its creation or an unusual ingredient: the calendar also allows you to discover the many little stories behind each dish. And what's special: the recipes are included, inviting you to try them out in your own kitchen.

Take a look at the digital version here.

We would like to thank all member organisations who have contributed to this appetising calendar by sending in their recipes, as well as the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and Homeland for funding the project.