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FUEN welcomes Arvid Martens as new intern in Flensburg

FUEN welcomes Arvid Martens as new intern for the seminar ‘Minorities in Caucasus: Dialogue for a stable future’ which will take place on 13th–15th of December 2017 in Flensburg, Germany.

Arvid has been a member of the Caucasus Project team since December 05th.

He was born and raised in Eastern Ukraine as a member of the Russian-German minority. As a young adult, he took part in different intercultural projects in Germany, Russia and Ukraine. Later he attended law School of Goethe University in Frankfurt. During his studies, he participated in youth projects in Germany, Russia and Bulgaria. During a students’ exchange he was able to familiarize himself with the culture of the USA. He has a strong affection for foreign languages and cultures, and for international political and social interaction.

FUEN is happy to have Arvid Martens onboard and welcomes him.