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It is never too late... make your language famous!

MiLaS – what is it all about, many people will ask. Easy: in April our European language campaign “language diversity” organised the first Europe-wide online-language competition for youth and young adults, that focused on linguistic diversity and multilingualism. The emphasis is put particularly on the regional and minority languages of Europe, which should become more attractive and improve their image. 

“Show us how beautiful your language(s) are! Show us in a relaxed, cool, funky or emotional way, using self-written poems, sketches or songs, what you are capable of and present your language(s)” – that was we asked for.

From a total number of 30 contributions from 10 countries and in more than 25 languages the 10 most popular videos were selected in the first round by Facebook-users at our social media platform milas.language-diversity.eu. In the second round our jury of six persons from all over Europe had to decide. Based on 8 criteria (e.g. artistic quality, creativity, originality, content, reach) the jury selected the 5 best videos out of the 10 most popular contributions. 

The five finalists will now be invited to the prize ceremony in Sønderborg (DK) next Friday and their videos will be presented to the audience in a third round. The winner will get 1000 Euro.

The five finalists are: 

SAEK serbski widejokružk - in cooperation with "Ignac Fecich & dance company" (DE)
Ček dom (Get home)
Upper Sorbs in Germany

Trapp Manuel (DE)
Stolz ein Jenischer zu sein
Yenish from Germany   

Demiraj Lisiana (AL)
Ai – He
Albanian (Tosk dialect)

Deutsche Schule Pattburg, 7. Klasse (DK)
Lasse und Maria
German minority from Denmark

Klasse 8. Ludwig Andresen Schule  (DK)
Synnejysk kaffeboe
German minority from Denmark

We invite you all for the MiLaS prize ceremony at Europe Day, 9 May 2014 at 17:00 hr in Sønderborg, which will take place in the concert hall of the Alsion building. 

For more information about MiLaS: http://language-diversity.eu/campaigns/milas-wettbewerb or milas.language-diversity.eu