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FUEN webinar on national minorities in European censuses

2021-22 are crucial years from the perspective of minority communities: in 39 European countries censuses will take place. FUEN therefore organises a Webinar on National Minorities in Censuses in Europe on Tuesday, the 22nd of June from 15:00 CET.

Why are national censuses so important for many minorities? Deciding the size and share of the nationality or minority is an essential part of population censuses in many countries. The composition of nationalities in the population is relevant for policy making and is often a prerequisite for the recognition.
The more people state a certain nationality or minority, the higher the influence of this national minority in a municipality, region or country. It determines the official recognition of the size and as a consequence the financial support, education rights and language useof our communities. For example, the right to have schools in a minority language or the right to use the minority language with the authorities often depends on the size and percentage of the minority.

The Federal Union of European Nationalities wants to raise the issue of censuses and their crucial role in determining how many belong to a minority and thus indirectly how they will be treated by the state they live in. During the webinar best practices as well as practices to be avoided are presented by experts in the field, politicians and activists with the experience of arranging censuses.

Only registered people will be allowed to take part in the webinar. For registration purposes please write an e-mail to officebrussels@fuen.org.


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