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These are the 14 venues for EUROPEADA 2024

What the cities of Hamburg, Munich or Berlin are for UEFA EURO 2024, Flensburg, Schleswig, Apenrade, Tondern, Bredstedt or Risum-Lindholm are for EUROPEADA 2024. Instead of the Olympiastadion or the Volksparkstadion, the games will be played in the Manfred Werner Stadium, the Idrætsparken or the Walter Rau Stadium. And while the "big European Championship" takes place in ten stadiums in Germany, the European Football Championship for autochthonous and national minorities will be played at 14 venues in the German-Danish-Frisian border region.

The final decision has been made, Harrislee has accepted and all the venues for EUROPEADA 2024 are now finalised. After Apenrade, Krusau, Tondern and Sonderburg in Denmark as well as Bredstedt, Niebüll, Risum-Lindholm, Tönning, Eckernförde, Schleswig and Flensburg (pitches from Weiche, DGF and Stjernen), the Holmberg in Harrislee has now also been finalised as a venue for the European Minority Championships. This means that 14 facilities will be used.

Around a third of the 90 matches taking place during EUROPEADA will be played at the four sports facilities in Denmark. Two thirds will be played at ten or eleven different clubs in Germany. The speciality in Harrislee is that two clubs, TSV Nord Harrislee and HKUF, use the Holmberg facility. This combination with TSV and HKUF as a club of the Danish minority fits perfectly into the concept of EUROPEADA 2024, which will be held in both Denmark and Germany.

Which team will play where will be determined at the draw on 10 December.

An overview, photos and exact directions to all venues can be found below on our EUROPEADA website.

These are the clubs ased at the venues:


  • Apenrade: Aabenraa BK
  • Krusau: Bov IF
  • Tønder: Tønder SF / FC Sydvest
  • Sønderborg: FC Sønderborg


  • Flensburg: DGF Flensborg / IF Stjernen Flensborg / SC Weiche Flensburg 08
  • Harrislee: HKUF / TSV Nord Harrislee
  • Eckernförde: Egernførde IF
  • Schleswig: Slesvig IF
  • Bredstedt: Bredstedter TSV
  • Niebüll: TSV RW Niebüll
  • Risum-Lindholm: SV Frisia 03 Risum-Lindholm
  • Tönning: IF Tønning

More facts and figures about the tournament can be found here.

Caption: Lars Salomonsen

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