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The Tetovo Forum for Social Dialogue and Cooperation – a best practice presented in Minority Monitor

We at FUEN often say that minorities can learn a lot from each other, and presenting best practices from around Europe can often move forward the minority-majority relationship in other regions as well. Such is the case of the Tetovo Forum for Social Dialogue and Cooperation from North Macedonia, presented in the Minority Monitor. 

In October 2016, representatives from the Roma Democratic Development Association SONCE and the Municipality of Tetovo, North Macedonia, visited the Schleswig-Holstein region to learn about the approaches to diversity management in the northernmost German Federal State, famous for its minority politics. The study visit, organised and hosted by FUEN, was a part of the project "Minority in the Western Balkans", implemented in partnership with the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the Schleswig-Holstein Chancellery, and the European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI). During the meetings with minorities and public officials, the participants learned about their experience with existing institutions and practices. They could share views and opinions and discuss issues of common interest.

Reflecting on the situation and the needs of the various stakeholders within their community, the team from Tetovo concluded that establishing a structure for dialogue and cooperation between the public authorities and the minorities, as well as fostering the collaboration between the different minority organisations in the municipality, is of primary importance.

Inspired by the Schleswig-Holstein model of the DialogForumNorden, the participants, assisted by the project partners, developed a plan for action for its adaptation. The initiative of NGO SONCE obtained full support from the Mayor of Tetovo and of the Municipality, and on 13th December 2017, the parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding establishing a platform for social dialogue and cooperation – the Tetovo Forum for Social Dialogue and Cooperation.

The Minority Monitor presents the successful story of this idea becoming reality, highlighting the similarities and the differences between the DialogForumNorden and their counterpart in North Macedonia. Click here to read the whole story!

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